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A Season of Hope after the Polar Freeze

Michigan's winter was intense this year, long, snowy, and so, so cold! The frigidness was breath-taking, literally, and winds strong enough to take trees down and blow a person sideways. Other regions in the United States had it worse with storms, rain, rain, rain, mud slides, massive flooding, so I will not complain.  The entire Upper Peninsula was hit with over 200 inches of snow. Yet, when I spoke with our Marquette aunt and uncle about how they were coping, they quipped with a twinge of humor, "what can ya do?" … "we had to rake the roof again" … "chip the thick ice off the driveway" … rumor is that their son and his family even built an igloo. My mid-70-year-old aunt then shared that she waded through the chest deep snow to help elderly neighbors by clearing ice and snow from outside ducts. She'd laugh about how she must have looked with snow "up to my boobs!" - we giggled, partly because she doesn't talk like this, partly

An Elusive Purpose

How do you find purpose, a drive, a reason to get up in the morning, during a "dry" time in your life? Purpose feels elusive to me lately during this season of reevaluating old friendships, retirement, recuperating from an ankle break and tendonitis, and the annoying concern about my auto-immune process.   I’ve always tried to be kind, helpful, positive. Where did I learn that to be would be adequate for a fulfilled existence? I strove to be - all my life – but it’s not working for me anymore. I need something more tangible. My wood-walking in the past has brought clarity in my direction but due to a slow healing process have not ventured on a trail since the end of 2018. I miss quietly traipsing in Mother Nature’s warm embrace and wrapping her peace around my very soul – but also know that my return to the woods is imminent. In the meantime, I am open spiritually, emotionally, and mentally as I spend time writing at coffee shops and bookstores, listening to in