September 27, 2022

Candles, Crispy-ness, Color, Crafts and Coffee

The end of summer finds me eager to embrace cooler temperatures and bless-ed time in preparing my autumn list. Love the beginning of each new season but this is my favorite. Highlighting in my bullet-list on what seems important during these last three months of the year is edifying, relaxing, and I have a great sense of delightful anticipation to achieve what I write down.

  • Decorate. I pull out my boxes of pumpkins, leaves, lights and assorted "scary" decorations, and, of course, candles. After deep cleaning, set these out on the first day of fall. The splash of color in the house makes us smile as the house begins the cozy season.
  • Line books on my table to enjoy during quiet moments. Books on my list include Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier; The Story of Arthur Truluv by Elizabeth Berg (a fun author); Hard Cider by Barbara Stark-Nemon; Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering by Joanna Gaines. I adore Rosamunde Pilcher and Gladys Taber books, along with an occasional holiday one to get in the spirit. I set up a no excuse zone by making my reading nook comfortable and welcoming. I am pulled there by the scent of my bayberry candle.
  • Love my porch, built circa 1876. I frequently read on my newly painted - apple green - porch, a candle burning on the table and calming music seeping from Spotify. I read my magazines to the quiet broken only by neighbors strolling past waving and sending greetings.
  • Mostly, I'm a magazine reader. Love magazines by Stampington & Company's selection in particular - In Her Studio (spaces and stories of creative women); Artful Blogging; Artful Journaling; Where Women Cook (which is no longer being published but found a new Stampington magazine, Where Women Create). I have discovered a few go-to magazines -- Flow includes some fun "treats".
  • Crafts. Not being a very artistic person does not stop me from bumbling through projects. One being Dream Boards - sturdy art board filled with whatever I am fiddling with, glued down, appropriate quotes tossed in here and there, encouraging words attached - with the board brushed down with Gesso making a permanent board worthy in my eyes of framing.
  • Gatherings. I love fall parties, freshly made soups, candles on the table, bold and black coffee, doing puzzles, board games. Covid stopped these events but hope to create a few to fill my own contact needs.
  • Calendar items.  I write down festivals, activities, writer and author events, visits around Michigan. We schedule at least two trips to the orchard where we shop for apples while eating a crispy sweet doughnut and sipping cider. I missed all these outings as Covid-19 kept us secluded. So glad we can safely include many of these on our calendar.
  • Walking in the woods. Stunning fall colors, crispy leaves crunching underfoot, the smells! Our cameras sit on our hips ready to snap the elusive wildlife. Healing and peaceful -- this activity continued during Covid to include long winter walks through the snow and wind. Forest Bathing and gentle talking got us through the pandemic.
  • Cards and letters. I'm known as someone who still sends letters and cards for birthdays and holidays. I write these as I sip coffee and listen to "coffee house" music. Who doesn't like to receive a handwritten note? 
  • Friends. This is a difficult one for me, as many friends were inaccessible during Covid and many have now formed new patterns or relationships. I'm still working on how to have friendships post-Covid. Hope your friends are near and dear to you -- cherish them. 

Enjoy this crispy autumn. How do you relax and celebrate the seasons?

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