December 16, 2015

Big Cat Protects a Village

We have an old fashioned bathtub in our 150 year old home and during the holidays I enjoy decorating it for our visitors to see and enjoy. Typically, there are twinkling lights displayed, people fishing, sledding, walking on the paths. Santa Claus is always somewhere in the scene and never will you find any media presence proclaiming disasters. There are new embellishments, yearly, voted for unanimously by the residents in this unique mountain village.

It is a safe place to live. The snow is always abundant, white, clean and sparkly. The people here enjoy the scenery, trees and an occasional drink of hot chocolate over a campfire, or a sweet and tasty fish made fresh over fire in the evening. The children are always happy and active and loved.

This village acquired a protector this year - a monster cat named Theodore Seuss Geissel who wanders around town to view the inhabitants, making sure all is okay. The people there do not fear the  cat but rather look forward to his gentle visits, occasional kisses on their heads, and the obvious care big cat gives them.

We wish the villagers a very merry, safe and joyful white Christmas - and pray they will always be a peaceful community. 

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