December 28, 2016

Am I Unconventional, or "Normal"

How about thinking backwards for a little while? Thus, the Z-centric heading. Having a period of blogger-block, so thought - hey, change up my focus to include a reverse alphabet series of posts.

For the Scrabble player, these easy four letter words, beginning with that oh so difficult "Z" are ones to memorize - Zeal, Zest and Zany. You never know when you might need the word, or rather in Scrabble, you will need one of these gems, eventually.

The meanings are similar, can describe a lot of people, and speaks to my spirit. I have experienced wonderful zeal (great energy and enthusiasm for a cause or aim). My husband and I were privileged to adopt two older children from Russia in 1997. What zeal we had, even taking Russian language classes at the university, in anticipation of the adoption. Daily, I would sit on the front porch for three hours at a time studying and speaking Russian, learning Cyrillic seemed easy when it was preceded by this spectacular zeal. Our purpose was to give the kids a family with our other two children, and hopefully secure a positive experience for them.

Then the elusive zest (great enthusiasm and energy)! Oh to regain the energy portion of this word, but occasionally it rears its blessed head and adrenaline-loads my body. As an empty-nester running a little low on zest, I had a dream!!!to be a photographer, a photoblogger to be concise. What a kick of enthusiasm. I searched classes and signed up for photography ONE-O-ONE at college - senior rate to boot! Knowing virtually zero about this craft and talent, my insecurities were present on the first day of class. The words were foreign, the instructor younger than me. Oh my! But, I have to say I did not feel old in the rows with these young kids, but rather felt zest's enthusiasm and energy. I supplemented  this first class with an evening photography class at a nature center. I opened my heart to learning and knew that, if I didn't know something one week, exposure will ensure a better grasp, and am loving my photo assignments.

Which brings me to crazy zany (amusingly unconventional or unusual). Back to the previous topic, I did not want to take the typical pictures. I wanted to be creative, adventurous and unconventional to submit unusual photos for grading and critiquing. I crawled on the ground to get nature pictures, climbed play structures with my head poking through a tight spiral bar in order to click zany pictures of my mother's dolls. Submitting these each week has been so much fun. I'm hoping to focus on the theme of zany as I progress in my photography.

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