October 21, 2015

I Grabbed the Wrong Leg

It was a beautiful day for a drive with my big sister to Port Huron to visit an aunt. Nature called our names so we pulled into a rest area east of Flint. I got to the restroom before my sister as she was dawdling. 

I secured my spot when I heard my sister enter and claim the stall next to mine.

Obviously, I had a choice. Continue my business or have a little fun. I chose fun and grabbed my sister's ankle under the stall wall!

A rush of "oh my gosh" followed by soft screaming filled the room as the woman’s legs disappeared from my sight. "You scared me to death" she breathlessly sputtered.

I profusely apologized as the person turned out not to be my sister, and believe me, it was extremely difficult to say I was sorry, when struggling to hold back a laugh.

I hurriedly finished, washed up, and ran out to my car where I hunched down low to avoid detection - and waited an awful long time for my sister to return.

In the meantime, she was in the restroom chatting away with the still frightened woman. I could only guess what they talked about. My sister finally returned to the car and told me how much I had scared the woman. I remained in my hunched position but was able to laugh with my sister about this incident.

One thing I know for sure - every time this woman uses a public roadside rest area, she will remember the strange person who grabbed her ankle. She, too, has a story to tell. I can only hope she remembers it with affection, but probably not.


  1. I'll make sure I'm never next to you in a restroom Connie! ;)

    1. I find myself giggling in the bathrooms I visit remembering this experience with you, Laura.


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