June 4, 2019

A Squirrel, Peanut Butter, and Zen

A chubby squirrel appeared to be in a zen attitude, sprawled on a tree branch in our front yard, chittering commands at our intrusion. Lifts his paw every once in awhile as if giving me a High Five. An exceptional example of chilling with his head resting on his paws … tail curled over his back snuggling down. Ah, Zen.

A short time passed and I saw him leaving his limb as someone tossed a jar of peanut butter from their car (hopefully, for him). Squirrel was quite happy pulling this delightful gift from heaven up into the tree nook where he thoroughly enjoyed the chunky morsels, reaching into the jar to scrape up the last delicious remnants. Then, like a gentleman, returning it exactly where the treat was found.

On the human hand, we have a tendency to not “Zen Out” and be carefree - and we have short tails. Our brains are cluttered with stress before our toes have a chance to curl away from the morning blankets. Thoughts race thinking about our overly-scheduled day; heaven forbid trying to remove some of the wanna do into not wanna do. So we would rather stress and not have quiet time in which to recuperate from our busy lives.

Chill, Zen Out! Life is too short to spend it in planning and execution mode all the time. Hit the snooze button, gently stretch, breathe deeply, and inhale some excitement for the new day. Literally (or figuratively) salute it with an optimistic nod. Remember, that for the most part, we orchestrate our day and create our own positive or negative times.

Consider a new and relaxed routine in the evening.
  • Open your front door, perchance it is nice outside, warm enough to sit on the porch or a camp chair in your yard.
  • Imbibe in a pleasant drink of your choice!
  • Light a candle (or have a campfire).
  • Try a music app and discover the vast musical options. We use Spotify and listen to all manner of nature music, coffee shop tunes, energizing music.
  • Breathe in, Breathe out – it really works for your stress levels … seriously!
  • Too strange for the above? Then, have a nice conversation with a friend or family member. 
  • Chuckle at the antics of a squirrel!!! :)
  • Do what speaks peace to you, at least on occasion, this is vital to your soul.

The jar of peanut butter, neatly place on the sidewalk by squirrel

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