August 22, 2017

Solar Eclipse and Moon Bubbles

The Solar Eclipse 2017 was yesterday and although we were not located in its direct path, excitement over this event was extreme throughout Michigan and in our house. Two of my brothers and a good friend live on opposite sides of the United States and were in the "Path of Totality" - how wonderful is that? I planned to walk during the eclipse and convinced my daughter that it would help her remember the moment of the eclipse if she joined me - which she was more than happy to do. Sans NASA approved glasses, we assured each other we'd not look directly at the sun.
Waiting for the Eclipse

I shared with her my thoughts that when an event as pure as an eclipse occurs it is as if a new beginning for each of us has occurred. We have a clean slate from that day forward to: make changes, start a new path, try something different.  As in New Years where we make resolutions/goals, or a birthday when you might reevaluate your path - we can view these events as a start to change or an embracing of  current life choices. I shared that I felt a newness or adventure in myself and hope she will be open to ruminate what these events mean for her.

I've been exploring Art Journaling and purchased two notebooks for this purpose the evening before. Eclipse Morning I met at a favorite coffee shop with two friends, one of whom is an artist, who told me about a class being held at her gallery this Saturday on, wait for it ... creating an ART JOURNAL! - and in the timeline of the Eclipse. I signed up immediately. Although art is not, most definitely not, my gift or talent, I've always carried a predilection or desire to be an artist of sorts. So, trying something new, different, challenging seemed the ticket to post-Eclipse direction. I look forward to learning about this method of expression and also have some ideas of my own.

  • using quotes which I've collected from movies, books, other media
  • adding pictures cut from magazines or old photos
  • embellishing the pages by writing short thoughts about it
  • discovering techniques for adding color
  • exploring my abilities as an art journal-er

I shot this picture with my iPhone 7 on our 2017 Eclipse walk after my daughter showed me the unique shadows from the sun/moon effect - and explained why they occurred. The scattered and numerous moon beam shadows were everywhere ... surreal. I call them moon bubbles ... what a celestial gift.



  1. I echo your thoughts about new beginnings, Connie. I love the idea of an art journal. I have been keeping a bullet journal for over a year. Mine is not as "artsy" as I'd like, but I make use of colored pens, highlighters, and stickers! I got a cool picture of the moon bubbles, too. Surreal!

    1. I read the Art Journaling magazine along with Artful Blogging and have been inspired to give it a try. I hope you do something along the line of the art form. Also, love the idea of a bullet journal but being retired don't have that many bullet worthy things to include BUT love my colored pencils, highlighters, and overall color on anything I do. My favorite early fall activity is to get a new box of crayons! Thanks for your thoughts, Donna.

  2. Fantastic thoughts on new beginnings, Connie. I so wish I could be there to take the class with you. I look forward to hearing what techniques you learn and seeing some of your pages....hoping you will inspire me to do one. :) Heading off to work soon with a new attitude and a clean slate!

    1. Great attitude Kim. Yes, new beginnings. I'll share everything I learn with you and may post on a blog ... wish you could take the class with me, too. Laughter would ring through the gallery! Love you.


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