August 1, 2018

Ready for "Murder"

Ksusha Geissel in her coat of many colors
A daughter was visiting us while my family was watching a selection of the syndicated murder mysteries.  She pointed out that one of the suspects was too old to have murdered someone in the way described.  I told her that the suspect was only in his late 40s and asked:  "Do you think I’m too old to murder someone?"  Her immediate, somewhat sheepish response, was a quick, “no, but you would get winded.”

Perhaps her response points to the fact that, yes, I am getting older although I still have some zip left, daughter!  Sure, I get the occasional ache and may groan during the motion of standing, yet I consider myself rather young at heart and challenge anyone to say I have an old soul.  Plus, if I wanted to murder someone, which had not occurred to me until she brought my “lack of breath” to my attention, I can accomplish the task, and not get winded. 

This murder talk reminds me of this year’s journey or killing off - murder, if you will - a part of me that I find cumbersome. 

These are some of the ways in which I try to age with grace
  • To aim not to be discouraged with the process of my aging
  • Making sure to embrace each day
  • Absolutely include daily fitness activities - whatever strikes me at the time
  • Plan fun and challenging activities
  • Write an encouraging bucket list, and act on it
  •  Jot down daily “to do or to don’t” lists – the satisfaction of crossing an item off makes my heart beat faster
  • Make sure to smile at and be patient with young ones who think you are pushing close to death after the age of 35, because frankly, we probably thought the same thing at their age.  
If murdering is in my future, I’ll work on being in the best shape possible, so windedness is not a hindrance.

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