January 4, 2017

Creative Juices are Flowing

The new year brought old friends back to Coaching Corner this morning. This informal group shares thoughts, ideas, and successes (or failures) with a life coach - continually building our intentions, goals, being challenged with action plans along with how to avoid inevitable road blocks. It is a wonderful diving platform for getting the creative juices up and circulating in a supportive environment.

At the end of each class we choose a goal for the week – only one as many of us have other intentions, families, obligations. I chose to visit a coffee shop in which to write and nestle with my coffee and a treat – Bloom was my destination.

Bloom Coffee Roasters opened in July 2016 and is located in Old Town, Lansing, an artsy community. Free parking along the street was a plus in today’s pay per minute meters. Walking into the building on this windy, snowy day, I was embraced by the aroma of roasted coffee beans, and welcomed by the friendly manager and her fellow barista. My first impression was that Bloom appeared to be a pleasant coffee shop with cozy places to sit, talk, reflect and write.

The manager assisted me in ordering the kind of coffee I liked to drink, which was a bold brew – she chose for me Guatemala and her barista prepared my pour-over drink set in an attractive rugged cup and saucer. As for a treat, with her recommendation, I decided on a sweet Kouign Amann, a crispy, slightly salty and sweet croissantly delicate wonder.

I sat listening to conversations in the background while I sipped at the Guatemalan coffee, which was smooth and had a nice coffee taste which lingered perfectly in my mouth. The Kouign Amann was as described – delicious and slightly decadent.

Bloom’s simple design includes a few built in angles for wood shelves, woodsy barn wood plaques on the white walls with pictures hanging from wire. Music is piped in on wall speakers - I’m not versed in the language of music but would describe it as contemporary folk, relaxing alternative, a bit international – overall very pleasant, conducive to writing or conversation, and comfortable. 

Old fashioned lighting hangs from the ceiling with exposed pipe giving the building a funky yet upbeat appearance. A large black chalkboard, framed in wood, hangs on the wall with numerous selections of drinks in which to choose. The simple white chalk on the board is a clean and organized look for this charming coffee shop.

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