December 28, 2016

There's Something about Fall

As I sit outside on my blue wicker chair on this beautiful autumn day “babysitting” our house cat, Moji,  as he’s sprawled on the porch enjoying the excitement of falling leaves  – I am melancholy. It is stunning outdoors and am perplexed as to where this mood comes from.

Michigan has wonderful falls, although they are quite short. So many fun and entertaining activities to engage in – haunted houses, walking crispy paths on nature trails, making soup, decorating with orange (which I adore). Sounds of the sewing machine linger in the air as my daughter sews a special Halloween costume, with such passion and excitement, that I smile.

Perhaps it’s the palpable brevity of the warm breezes, spectacular coloration, abundant activities to choose from, which brings out thoughtful sadness. The day will arrive when snow will sprinkle the ground with taunts – “you should have done this or that while the weather was perfect” it seems to declare.

My melancholy is actually a positive as it is restful while also motivating, and reminds me to grasp these days of beauty. Petting Moji’s soft fur reminds me of the tactile opportunities October and November offer – well, heck, any season in our beautiful state. This brings me to a stopping point in my reflections on sadness and opens up a salute to Michigan’s gifts – its many, many treasures.

Moji wants to remain outside on his leash so that I have to bribe him to go indoors, or rather, I have to drag the little rebelling boy into the house. He knows what is good, what is best – Nature, Michigan, Falling Leaves – smart cat!

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