December 28, 2016

An Attempt to Organize

I have slips of paper, including scraps of toilet paper (don't ask), with recipes scrawled, most in abbreviations. I go in the junk drawer - recipe; bathroom cabinet (don't ask) - recipe; mom's files - recipe; tax folder! - recipe. My refrigerator has a 2016 collection of these magnetically clipped to its poor bulging side, creating a chaotic and challenging time when trying to recall where a particular one is located. I dare say, most of us have these scattered papers in the nether areas of our homes.

I also have an abundance of journals - so - aha moment (sorry Oprah, I've used this for years) - why don't I write these down in an 8 1/2 x 11" hardcover journal. Had to be easy to open and able to lay flat. So, avoiding or disregarding my homework scheduled for today, I searched and searched the house. It had to be perfect! Not too small, thus the larger paper size to hold an abundance of these gems. "Rattling around" in my daughter's room (shh) - found it and, after collecting these scraps, wrote them all down in the book. Boring? Not really as I used many colored pens to create a delightful collection of family and friend, oh, and the Barefoot Contessa, recipes. All encapsulated in one place.

The idea for the colored pens was encouraged by a college classmate (that still seems strange to say). This smart, cute and personable 17-year-old displays a beautiful rainbow of these pens on her table each class. She uses them to write assignments, update her date book, separate the important and urgent messages a young person naturally has. Also, a neighbor "posted" her date book on FB - filled with color. Why wouldn't it work for me?

Some may ask, how did I keep each category separate from the rest. I didn't. It reads just fine and much easier just to write them in than to worry about tabs or having each meal in its own little section. The bottom line - they are IN the book!

I'm not famously known in the family as a good or even mediocre cook. Will never aim to be one. My liver stew and cereal with orange juice are past memories. But even at my age - I can hope - hope that having this journal, handwritten and colorful, full of such a rich array of potential meals and ideas - will spur me to create. The recipes are tried and true, delicious and passed down at least one to two generations. I'm excited to try.


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