February 17, 2017

Diary of a 1938 Cabin Dweller (Part 6)

The diary of Edna Olivia Anderson Olsen continues through the winter months of 1938. Living the cabin life in the woods of Marquette - Edna is getting real antsy to find a place to live, in town.

Monday, February 14, 1938

Russell Olsen with daughterEmil Berger Olsen holding grandchild, Marquette"Father couldn’t get his car started today. I had a tubful of clothes on to start to wash but he wanted me to go to town with him & see some houses. Blizzard raging & I didn’t feel like going – but went. Mrs. Phanief (sp) doesn’t want to do anything to the upstairs we were looking at & wants 12.50 so we are undecided – no bath, clothes closets or wood shed – poor entrance. Kinda hope we can make a deal though – well, we’ll see." 

(me - Happy Valentine's Day - or Valentinsdagen in Norwegian. I wonder if our grandparents celebrated as there is no mention of this in her diary. Emil Olsen holding his son, Eric, on Baraga Avenue ... note the radio to his left. Russell Olsen standing on the porch with sister, Jan Olsen, in the Furnace location in Marquette. Emil's mother, Laura, with her daughters, Agnes Lain and Odborg, in Tonsberg, Norway, 1943, with Laura holding her grandchild, possibly named Lucia.)

Johanna Olsen in Tonsberg Norway holding great grandchild

Tuesday, February 15, 1938

"E. comes home tonite telling me a company house is available – hope we can get it. Jepson’s trying awfully hard. Me, I’m just picking around – baked coffee cake & bread for myself & a batch for Alphonse. Want to get thru tidying up here & may iron a bit – not certain. Getting lazy in my old age – neuralgia in my back after washing takes my pep I guess. Raleigh man was here today – found me in a temper." 

(me - I am still struck by the energy of my grandparents and how difficult it must have been. Now to think of the family possibly moving into town, in the winter, huge drifts - tires me out.)

Wednesday, February 16, 1938

"Did he ever find me in a temper! Dam’s & darn’s flying high wide & handsome. When I got thru he informed me he was a Baptist minister. Why isn’t there a hole handy to crawl into at such an embarrassing moment. Not only that I had actually smoked a cigarette while talking to him. Oh me – oh my, I haven’t got over it yet & never will. Oh well, such is life out in the sticks – when everything goes haywire!" 

(me - can you imagine! I heard about this incident in the past, and remember it. Ever been embarrassed over something you said and did? What was your most embarrassing moment? Picture of Edna and Emil visiting the hospital room of one of their best friends, Alphonse, an old farmer who helped the family tremendously over the years, and whom we met in the 1938 diary.)

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